Spinner Hangers

Clean a variety of intricate shapes or components suspended from a rotating work hook or fixture.

Spinner Hangers

Blast clean multi-faced or complicated parts. A high volume of parts are shot blasted utilizing a tree fixture to hang single or multiple parts. Work hooks can be mounted in the cabinet or suspended from a monorail on a pass though basis. Spinner hangers present parts on rotating work hooks which spin in front of the blast wheels. This is the best blast cleaning method for many parts that can't be tumbled. .

Cabinet Style Spinner Hangers

Simple design affords efficient cleaning of small parts. Manual load and stationary hanger provides all the benefits of blast cleaning without the cost of an automated system. Cabinet style spinner hangers can be designed to fit parts that can be easily moved into and out of the blast chamber.

Turnstile Spinner Hangers

Increase your blast cleaning productivity with a highly efficient turnstile spinner hanger. A large rotating drum, divided into two or more blast chambers with work hooks, allows for loading at one station while another is being blasted. When blast cleaning is complete, the entire drum rotates, moving the next loaded section into the blast chamber and the newly blasted section out for unloading. Turnstile spinner hangers are adaptable to multiple blast compartments and up to six blast wheels.

Monorail Spinner Hanger Cabinets

A monorail moves large or heavy parts into and out of the blast chamber. Parts are loaded outside the blast cabinet on a work hook or parts tree and moved into the blast chamber to be cleaned. After the cleaning cycle, the work hooks are removed from the cabinet to be unloaded. Monorail systems allow multiple work hooks for loading/unloading while another is being blasted, providing a high production, near continuous blasting process.

Continuous Monorail Spinner Hangers

Monorail loop systems provide a non-stop, high production, blast cleaning process. Parts are loaded on the monorail at one station, proceed through the blast chamber and out for unloading while the monorail continues to move. The blast chamber is utilized at maximum capacity for high volume environments. Multiple operators are required to handle the large quantity of parts processed on a continuous monorail spinner hanger.

Standard Spinner Hangers

Parts are hung on fixtured works hooks which spin in front of the blast wheels. Models with 12" to 96" diameter work circles, up to 120" work heights, utilizing 2, 3 or 4 blast wheels provides cleaning of a broad spectrum of parts.

Spinner Hanger Features:

  • Simultaneous spin and oscillation of work hooks in the blast stream provide infinite angles of attack for complete part coverage
  • Cartridge type dust collectors
  • Manganese or hi-alloy wear resistant cabinet liners available
  • Wheel options: Direct drive or variable speed, 12" - 24" diameters
  • Commercially available parts and components throughout
  • Automatic abrasive adder with level monitor

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Large Monorail Spinner Hanger

Spinner Hanger with Monorail Loop

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