The MetFin Series of Blast Equipment

The MetFin line is designed as a full series of shot blast and shot peening equipment. Within each series you will find a spectrum of machines with sizes and configurations to meet each customer's unique production requirements.

Batch Barrels and Rotary Barrels, Series I

For finishing parts that can be batched and tumbled.

Blast Tables, Series II

For cleaning large parts that can't be tumbled or need to be fixtured.

Spinner Hangers, Series III

Handle a variety of intricate shapes or components suspended from a rotating work hook or fixture.

Structural and Pass Through Machines, Series IV

For cleaning of structural shapes, plates and manufactured components by passing through the blast chamber on roll conveyors, monorails, skew roll conveyors or on work cars.

Custom Engineered Systems, Series V

For unique situations where a standard system isn't the best fit.

Mesh Belt Systems, Series VI

For high volume, pass through finishing of small to medium size parts on a continuous belt.

Shot Peening Equipment, Series IX

For treating metal parts to increase fatigue life and durability.

Boiler Tube ID Peening, Series IX

Minimize exfoliation on the interior of Stainless Steel Super 304H and 347H tubes.

Blast Rooms, Series X

For manual air blast cleaning.

ZX Automated Ingot Loaders

Automatically loads metal ingots into a molten metal bath.


The MetFin service team is available to help you set-up your new equipment, answer technical questions on the phone or arrange on-site service. Our team of highly trained technicians will keep your equipment up and running. Call 800-537-8966 or 860-668-1050 and ask for the Service Manager.


MetFin supplies parts for all of your shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting equipment. From our heavy duty blast wheels and blast pots to electrical components, you're one call away from the parts you need to keep your plant up and running. Call 800-537-8966 or 860-668-1050 for all your parts needs.


MetFin's partner Propeen Services offers a complete line of abrasive. Call us at 800-537-8966 or 860-668-1050 to reach an abrasive specialist.

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