Custom Engineered

When one of our standard systems just won’t provide the solution to your blast cleaning needs.

Unique Solutions

Sometimes a standard blast cleaning product isn't the best solution, or even a solution at all. When your needs call for something more specific than an off-the-shelf product, we will gladly work with you to design and build a system that provides you with a blast cleaning solution that does just what your process requires.

MetFin is one of the few remaining companies open to custom work. We take a "blank page" approach to equipment design, unlike other companies that prefer to retrofit existing equipment. We create designs to fit your unique needs. We will analyze your manufacturing processes and incorporate features to capitalize on your current plant equipment. MetFin designers will plan a solution ready to accommodate expansion at a later date.

All MetFin machines are designed utilizing the latest 3D SolidWorks Modeling technologies, ensuring that the integration of components and final assembly of the entire system is considered throughout the design process.

Computer downloads, generated directly from the 3D model, are sent to CNC machinery in our fabrication shop. This ensures proper fit of all components during the manufacture of equipment, as well as a repeatable process for providing future repair parts that fit as well as the original components.

Our designs utilize commercially available components wherever possible to make sure that repair parts will be readily available from a variety of sources. Utilizing non-proprietary, commercially available parts is another way we keep your operating costs in check.

For more information about custom engineered solutions please call us today at 860-668-1050.

Keys to a Successful Shotblast Purchase

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