Blast Rooms

Manual air blast cleaning systems provide a clean, bright, well ventilated environment with a variety of reclamation options.

Blast Rooms.

MetFin blast rooms are modular by design. Variables such as part size, media selection, material handling method and production requirements are considered for your application to provide you with the best blast cleaning solution. The MetFin modular approach allows us to provide only the components you need.

Blast Room System Selection Process:

  • Blast room enclosure size
  • Material handling method
  • Work door configuration
  • Abrasive reclaim system
  • Desired blast system

Blast Room Enclosure Size

Enclosure size is determined by the size of the largest part that will be blasted. Standard sizes range from 8' by 8' square to 20' wide by 40' deep and up to 16' tall. Custom, larger sizes are available.

Material Handling Method

Parts are transported according to your plant operations and part specifications. Options for loading parts into the blast chamber include forklift, work car on rails, dedicated monorail or overhead crane.

Work Door Configuration

The type of doors is determined by the material handling method, part size, plant operations and budget. Door options include: double swing doors, roll-up doors and sliding doors. Drive through systems with doors on both ends are available.

Abrasive Reclaim System

The reclaim system is determined by the type of abrasive being used, (screw conveyor vs. vacuum reclaim), your production requirements and budget. Full reclaim floors are more costly but provide continuous automatic recycling of abrasive. Partial reclaims and corner boxes require the operator to sweep the abrasive to the reclaim system. If your parts are to be handled by forklifts, the reclaim system must accommodate heavy floor loading.

Blast System

Manually operated systems include: Pressure Blast, Suction Blast and Single- or Multi-Operator systems.

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Small Blast Room with manual reclaim and integral dust collector

Blast Rooms to fit any size component. A variety of Abrasive Reclaim and Parts Handling configurations.

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