Mesh Belt Systems

High volume, pass through cleaning of small to medium size parts on a continuous belt.

Mesh Belt Systems

Mesh belts are designed to clean various shaped products on a pass through basis. Product is blasted to the required specifications in one pass. Blast wheels are sized and arranged to expose all facets of the parts to the blast on a continuous basis. Parts are transported through the blast on a manganese open mesh belt, simultaneously exposing them to blast wheels above and below the belt line.

Equipped with 2 to 8 blast wheels and sized according to the demands of the size and shapes of your parts mix. Mesh belts are ideal for production facilities that need to clean multiple parts.

Mesh Belt Systems Features:

  • Pitless design utilizing a heavy duty longitudinal screw conveyor to return abrasive from the blast cabinet and vestibules to the elevator.
  • Manganese blast cabinet - the entire blast chamber is fabricated of heavy, abrasive resistant manganese steel plate.
  • Replaceable manganese and cast alloy liners in the blast chamber protect the cabinet structure from abrasive wear.
  • Long entrance and exit vestibules are equipped with multiple sets of abrasive curtains. This, combined with the low profile work envelope, provides exceptional abrasive containment.
  • Ample access is provided to all interior areas of the machine by service doors and covers simplifying routine inspections and internal repair procedures.

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