Pass Through Blast Systems

Structural shapes, plates and manufactured components are cleaned by passing through the blast chamber.

Pass Through Blast Systems

Pass through blast systems are designed around the parts that need to be blasted. To find the most effective solution for your facility, a MetFin representative will do an analysis of your parts and production system to determine a wheel configuration and parts handling process to best meet your needs.

Wheel Configuration

Prefabrication or Post Fabrication
Pre-fabrication systems typically have four or more wheels arranged around the work envelope blasting straight in (perpendicular to the work flow). Simple structural shapes or plates can be completely cleaned at fairly high line speeds utilizing this configuration.

Post-Fabrication systems typically use eight or more blast wheels to clean all surfaces of fabricated assemblies. Two banks of wheels are arranged around the work envelope with one bank angled forward (in the direction of work flow) and one bank angled aft. The angled orientation of the blast wheels will clean perpendicular work surfaces, leading and trailing surfaces as well as any protruding attachments.

Once the wheel configuration is determined a material handling method can be selected.

Parts Handling Options

Roll Conveyor
Roll conveyor systems are ideal for structural shapes, plate or fabrications that can be moved on a conveyor system through the blast cabinet.
Parts are suspended from an overhead monorail and conveyed through the blast cabinet providing complete coverage of all components in one pass. Monorails provide a convenient interface to prior and subsequent processing allowing the blast system to be inserted in a continuous production line.
Work Car
Very large components, such as long bridge beam fabrications, can be carried through the blast system on rail mounted work cars. This allows very heavy components to be processed on a pass through basis.
Skew Roll
Ideal for blast cleaning long, round tubes or bars. Parts are "screwed" through the blast system on a conveyor system formed of rolls aligned at a skewed angle to the work opening. The skewed rollers rotate the material as it travels forward. One or more blast wheels clean all surfaces of the product at line speeds up to 150' per minute.

Pass Through Systems Feature:

  • Blast chambers fabricated of abrasive resistant materials (manganese or AR400)
  • Ease of access to all maintenance points
  • External conveyor, monorail conveyor, skew roll conveyor
  • External abrasive spill hopper reclaim
  • Cartridge type dust collectors
  • Manganese or hi-alloy wear resistant cabinet liners available
  • Wheel options: direct drive, spindle drive or variable speed
  • Commercially available parts and components throughout
  • Automatic abrasive adder with level monitor

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