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Structural/Pass Through
Long structural shapes, plates, pipes/tube or large fabrications are cleaned as they pass through the blasting chamber.
Post Fabrication Roll Conveyor Blast System
Continuous Production Descaler
Mesh Belts
High volume, pass through cleaning of small to medium size parts on a continuous belt.
Batch Barrel
Table Blasts
For shot blasting large parts than can't be tumbled or need to be fixtured.
Spinner Hangers
Clean a high volume of complicated parts hung on a rotating work carrier.
Skew Roll Pass Through
12 Wheel Monorail System
Structural Descaler
Four Wheel Monorail
Batch/Rotary Barrels
Ideally suited to blast clean smaller parts than can be batched and tumbled.
Large Plate Blast
Shot Peening
A highly controlled surface treatment process substantially increases the fatigue life of parts.
Tube ID Peening
Increase the fatigue life expectancy of superheater boiler tubes.
Blast Rooms
Manual air blast cleaning systems provide a clean, bright, well ventilated environment.
Custom Engineered
When our standard system just won't provide the solution to your blast cleaning needs.

Heavy-duty, low maintenance, high production shotblast and shot peening systems.

  • MetFin is a customer-focused original equipment manufacturer servicing the global metal finishing market.
  • Our top priority is to meet each client's unique surface preparation needs.
  • Providing optimized solutions to integrate seamlessly into your existing production processes.
  • State-of-the-art systems, engineered and built for durability and ease of maintenance, provide extended "up" time and reduced operating cost.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Every component is designed with our customers' long term interest in mind.

Talk to us. We'll analyze your requirements
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