Shot Peening

A highly controlled surface treatment process that substantially increases the fatigue life of parts.

Shot Peening

Shot peening improves the surface properties of metal by impacting the surface with large quantities of round, metallic shot. This process results in compressing and strengthening the surface structure of the material. Fatigue failure is reduced, while cracking and corrosion breakdown is inhibited. The part's ability to withstand stress is greatly improved providing prolonged product life.

Peening is accomplished by the sequential employment of one or multiple blast nozzles. The blast nozzles are targeted to peen specific surfaces with the abrasive size required for your operation. All critical aspects of the process, including air pressure, abrasive flow, component and nozzle movement, can be monitored and controlled. Abrasive recycling is accomplished to meet the highest specifications. MetFin systems are set up to exacting specifications for a consistent, reliable, repeatable, peening process.

Our versatile peening machines provide an array of capabilities and programmable process recipes designed to meet the needs of almost all peening applications.

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