Recent Installations

MetFin recently installed the following machines:
  • Cincinnati, Ohio, Production Descaler at a sheet steel blast and paint contracting facility
  • Gilmer, Texas, Six Foot Batch Barrel at an electrical components manufacturing plant
  • Lynnwood, Washington, Monorail Blast System for a structural steel fabricator
  • Olds, Alberta, Canada, Six foot Batch Barrel at a plant that manufactures oilfields drilling components
  • Provo, UT, Horizontal Production Blast System for a manufacturer of indoor shooting range apparatus
  • Memphis, TN, Horizontal Production Blast System in a structural steel fabrication plant
  • Groton, CT, Production Plate Blast System at a submarine producing shipyard
  • Sugarland, TX, Six Foot Table Blast for an oilfields drilling components manufacturer
  • Houston, TX, Six Foot Table Blast at an oilfields drilling components manufacturing facility
  • Tulsa, OK, Monorail Production Descaler Blast Machine for an automotive brake manufacturer
  • Alachua, FL, Shot Peening System for a plant which produces mining drill bits
  • New Albany, IN, Abrasive Recovery System for a blast and coating service company
  • Dalton Gardens, ID, Production Descaler at a steel distributor
  • Priest River, ID, Monorail Shotblast System at a manufacturing marina specializing in steel docks
  • Richmond, VA, Six Foot Table Blast in an aluminum foundry
  • Baton Rouge, LA, Production Descaler for a blast and coating service company
  • Laval, Quebec, Canada, Production Descaler in a steel distribution plant
  • Amman, Jordan, Tube/Bar Blast Cleaning System for a specialty oilfield drilling system manufacturer